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Superstar Tactics • Dilomite Kid

8th September 2017
Our final wrestler for this wave of releases has my favourite name out of all of the wrestlers. It’s the Dilomite Kid! Woooooo! Hilarious. Alright, what does this pint-sized prehistoric wrestler do? We’ve had some really great Superstars recently with loads of Gold and Silver dice and amazing skills, so why should you spend your […]

Superstar Bio • Dilomite Kid

7th September 2017
*Attenborough voice* Deep in the depths of the jungle, right across from the blood-soaked poncho stall, we enter a world unlike any other. Prehistoric beasts roam the floors of The Forest Soul casino. There are many different types of animal on show here, but today we will look at just one of these majestic beasts. […]

Superstar Tactics • Fable

5th September 2017
We’re back today Rumblefans with a little more Fable for you! The winged wonder is a Free Agent, waiting to sail down from above in a blinding pillar of light in your hour of most dire need. Or you know, you could just pay him 300K. For your Dosh, what do you get? Well you […]