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Superstar Tactics • Dilomite Kid

8th September 2017
Our final wrestler for this wave of releases has my favourite name out of all of the wrestlers. It’s the Dilomite Kid! Woooooo! Hilarious. Alright, what does this pint-sized prehistoric wrestler do? We’ve had some really great Superstars recently with loads of Gold and Silver dice and amazing skills, so why should you spend your […]

Superstar Bio • Dilomite Kid

7th September 2017
*Attenborough voice* Deep in the depths of the jungle, right across from the blood-soaked poncho stall, we enter a world unlike any other. Prehistoric beasts roam the floors of The Forest Soul casino. There are many different types of animal on show here, but today we will look at just one of these majestic beasts. […]

Superstar Tactics • Fable

5th September 2017
We’re back today Rumblefans with a little more Fable for you! The winged wonder is a Free Agent, waiting to sail down from above in a blinding pillar of light in your hour of most dire need. Or you know, you could just pay him 300K. For your Dosh, what do you get? Well you […]

Superstar Bio • Fable

4th September 2017
It’s time to introduce the winged wonder, the shining spear, the crusading angel… the saviour of RUMBLESLAM itself! It’s Fable! “What is that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a dragon? No! It’s Fable! This angelic wrestler is a shining example of what can happen if you have faith. His entrance into […]

Superstar Tactics • Captain Keelhaul

1st September 2017
You want a squid-faced monster pirate? Well then, click “See More” below and we’ll talk about this brand new wrestler! Showboating to the crowd, this pirate captain knows how good he is, even if his outfit could use a little pizazz (I mean, barnacles are so last season). Straight out of the gate we can […]

Superstar Bio • Captain Keelhaul

31st August 2017
Today we’re paying our entry fees and trundling along the line to the ramshackle crypt of Rolling Bones to learn a little bit about one of the newest wrestlers they’ve signed. Captain Keelhaul has entered the ring! “Throughout the centuries countless pirates and brigands have earned foul reputations plundering goods and pillaging as they pleased. […]

Superstar Tactics • The Nut

29th August 2017
The Nut is one of the most requested wrestlers that appeared in the Kickstarter, so of course we kept him locked up in the TTCombat offices until now! If you met him, you’d realise why… He’s a great miniature (in one piece!) with bags of personality. That personality is that of a raving lunatic, but […]

Superstar Bio • The Nut

28th August 2017
Good Monday, Rumblefans! Today we’re diving back into the RUMBLESLAM vault to unearth a tidbit of backstory about one of our new superstars. Let’s see what Gomorrah has to offer today! “The Nut, (or inmate #0142) has received more suspensions and bans than any two wrestlers combined. In his debut match, the crazy superstar not […]

Superstar Tactics • The Greek

25th August 2017
Tonight, fellow Rumblefans, we dine in hell! The Greek is here! An absolutely powerhouse of a wrestler, we met him yesterday, and today we’ll talk about how to use him in the squared circle. Lots of silver dice floating around his stats, with a single Gold and a +1 thrown in for good measure. That’s […]

Superstar Bio • The Greek

24th August 2017
We looked at the golden god earlier this week, so now let’s see his arch-nemesis The Greek! “Where most men might shy from adversity, this superstar yearns for it. The Greek is a fierce fighter determined to battle foes when the odds are well and truly stacked against him. His debut appearances are legendary as […]

How tall is Dicephaurux?

23rd August 2017
Just how tall is Dicephaurux? This tall! He measures over the Treeman’s head (although not quite above his treefro), and about level with Mythos. Well, one of his heads does, anyway! And of course, how does he stand against a WEIGHT 2 wrestler? The Greek was keen to step in and find out!

Superstar Tactics • Dicephaurux

22nd August 2017
Now we’ve met the golden giant himself, let’s look at what he does in the ring! First, that miniature really is a giant! I think he’s tied with Mythos as the tallest of our Superstars. Second, that stat card has a LOT of gold dice. Nothing fits the Golden God more than having an all […]

Superstar Bio • Dicephaurux

21st August 2017
New wrestlers? Kickstarter favourites making an appearance? I think it’s time for some more RUMBLESLAM articles, fellow Rumblefans! So for the first look this week, let’s delve into the depths of The Feral Den and look at the newest giant, Dicephaurux! “The man now known as Dicephaurux was once a proud and powerful warlord. His […]

Superstar Tactics • Granite

14th July 2017
We’re back, Rumblefans! Today is the last day of our new release Superstar week. I know, it’s been an absolute rollercoaster, but all good things have to come to an end. Of course, there’ll be more coming soon, so don’t you worry! Today we’re looking at another fan-favourite who has seen his appearance change since […]

Superstar Bio • Granite

13th July 2017
It’s Superstar bio time again! This time our trip down into the depths of the RUMBLESLAM archives has yielded a little bit about everyone’s favourite walking mountain: Granite! “This resilient superstar has it all; power, toughness, size, charisma… There are few wrestlers in the ring that can match a natural charm and presence which have […]

Superstar Tactics • Fang

12th July 2017
We’re back, Slammers! It’s time to enter Rolling Bones and go face to face with a being more ancient than any we’ve met in RUMBLESLAM so far. Fang is a vampire from a past world, reawakened and revelling in the mayhem of the RUMBLESLAM ring. He’s fast and dangerous! With no Copper dice in sight […]

Superstar Bio • Relentless Dosh

11th July 2017
I just realised that we never found out more information about a few wrestlers that have already been released! I don’t know what made me think of these two, but here’s a little information about the most famous satyrs in the world. Slammers, it’s Relentless Dosh. “No doubt you’ve heard of Relentless Dosh from their […]

Superstar Tactics • Mythos

10th July 2017
It’s Monday again! Fast becoming my favourite day of the week, because I get to talk about brand new wrestlers! Today we’re going to be looking at a huge, fiery demon. Mythos! Mythos is massive. He’s big and muscly, and he’s got fire coming off of his head and hands. That’s a guy you don’t […]

Event Cards

7th July 2017
We’re back again Rumblefans, with another delve into the Event Card deck! I enjoyed having a peek at the cards last week, so having gone through them I thought I’d share so of my favourites. Strap in, it’s about to get weird! First off, Unruly Mages. We all know that magic isn’t allowed in the […]

Superstar Bio • Mythos

6th July 2017
Delving back down into the depths of the RUMBLESLAM history books, we’ve emerged into the light with some information on one of the most evil members of our beloved sport. Let’s all read in hushed voices about Mythos. “For there to be light, there must also be darkness. Fable is often considered the shining light […]

Superstar Tactics • Ice

5th July 2017
Alright! It’s time for Ice! Yeaaaah! Ice has changed in appearance a little bit since his Kickstarter debut. He’s metamorphosed from a tiny ice man into a massive ice golem! This is better. His stats are a little all over the place, so let’s look at them in detail. Attack is 3 Silver, which is […]

Superstar Bio • Lumberjacked

4th July 2017
We had a little look at Green Grables yesterday, so it only seems right that we return the favour and dig out some information about Lumberjacked from the archive! “Not everyone fights for the same reason. Some people fight for honour or glory whilst others might fight for the sheer thrill. Jack fights for revenge. […]

Superstar Tactics • Green Grables

3rd July 2017
Hello again, Rumblefans! We’re back to talk more tactics today. Seeing as it’s Monday again, we’re going to have a bit more fun and talk about another brand new wrestler. Green Grables is our superstar today! She’s the arch-nemesis of Lumberjacked. Her home was uprooted, and she’s entered the ring looking for payback. The product […]

New Releases • Event Cards

30th June 2017
Good afternoon, Rumblefans! We’re taking a little departure from our Superstar week to have a little look at one of the main releases on pre-order at the moment, the Event Cards! This deck of cards offers fun and crazy ways to mess up your games of RUMBLESLAM. They’re weird and wonderful, and sure to put […]

Superstar Tactics • Lord of Anarchy

28th June 2017
Welcome to mid-week madness, Rumblefans! We’re going to be looking at a mean Dwarf today. He’s a biker, he’s smoking (SHOCK), and he’ll whip you with a chain. It’s Lord of Anarchy! This wrestler has the by now all-too-familiar stats you’d expect of a Dwarf. He’s got great Defence, high Stamina, and low MP. He […]

Superstar Bio • Green Grables

27th June 2017
Hello, Rumblefans! Today we have a little treat. We’re delving back into the archives to find out some more information about some of our brand new Superstars. We’re going to start today by learning about the deadly dryad Green Grables! “Green Grables is older than stone and wiser than the wind. For as long as […]

New Releases

26th June 2017
Hello Rumblefans! It’s been an exciting few days! We’ve had brand new wrestlers unveiled, more superstars for pre-order, and some of us spent the weekend playing with the new Event Cards! Some ridiculous fun was had. But now we’re back in another Superstar Week! We took a little detour the last few weeks to talk […]

Tag Team Fortnight • Relentless Dosh

21st June 2017
It’s that time of day again, Rumblefans! It’s time to look at some superstars in Tag Team Fortnight! Today we’re taking a brisk stroll into the Forest Soul, and finding the two showstopping members of mega band/tag team Relentless Dosh. It’s Wonderkid and Nasty Goat! First off, let’s mention the most important thing about these […]