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Kaiser’s Palace

Of all the RUMBLESLAM casinos, Kaiser’s Palace holds decadence and entertainment highest. A fine building carved of smooth stone and intricate marble, it is the very vision of civilised grace.Every night at Kaiser’s brings a new and exciting event involving wrestlers and superstars in and outside the ring. Tavern’s famous drinking contest saw countless customers drink themselves into unconciousness in an attempt to best the sturdy dwarf. The Greek frequently holds contests where customers can fight him to their heart’s content. To this day, he is undeafeated but still people take a shot in the hopes they might be the first to break his streak!Some of RUMBLESLAM’s greatest make up their roster: Statesman, Triple D and the ever popular Ronnie Salvage are among the most sought after wrestlers in the business. Kaiser’s Palace also hosts a wrestling academy to promote the growth and future of RUMBLESLAM. Every day new wrestlers and future superstars leave the academy with dreams of joining one of the home teams: The Heavy Pounders and The Runic Thunder. Dreams are said to be made at Kaiser’s and legends are forged in their ring.
rumbleslam casino rolling bones

Rolling Bones

The only way to describe Rolling Bones is “free-for-all”. There are very few rules, which makes the casino all the more enjoyable. Fights break out frequently between gamblers, fans, and even the staff! Although that’s to be expected when the bouncers are orcs and the bartenders are zombies.There are no limits at this casino and anything can be used as currency, even the gambler’s body or soul. Cages hand from the front of the colossal building containing those poor gamblers who lost everything, their lives becoming property of the casino.Customers don’t come to Rolling Bones for luxury though, they come to gamble in its halls and witness the supernatural events that occur as ghosts and werewolves wander the creaking fortress. Above all else, people come to enjoy the brutal wrestling that goes on inside. Grave Digger, Gun and Orkish are among many superstars to call Rolling Bones home. The ever-popular Green Bruisers provide savage matches, and the Crypthorn Nightmares’ roster changes night to night depending on what has been dug up.
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RUMBLESLAM Gomorrah Casino


They say once you enter Gomorrah you will never want to leave again. While this may seem a little far-fetched, many a gambler has entered only to become addicted to the strange atomoshphere and thrilling games offered within or perhaps the beautiful and enthralling members of staff they hire to wait on their clients. The two fire-breathing serpents exquisitely carved from smooth stone at the entrance have an almost hypnotic gaze, whilst simultaneously warning unsuspecting visitors of the danger pesent within the walls.Some of RUMBLESLAMS’s most malicious and perverse souls live within this fortress. Jester and Chick are frequently seen causing chaos within, and Comet wanders the floors looking for new souls to bond with.At the heart of this twisted building is the ring. The stadium is constantly full with people watching the vicious fights and explosive theatrics. Home of the Twisted Shadows and the Deadly Divas, Gomorrah has earned a reputation for dirty fighters and foul tactics, but also show-stopping plays and daring gymnastics.
RUMBLESLAM Forest Soul Casino

The Forest Soul

The Forest Soul casino epitomises the splendour of nature. A vast stone temple left untouched for countless millennia, this proud location travels deep underground. It is said that the forerunners of RUMBLESLAM wrestled atop its apex, the winner throwing opponents from the peak as a sacrifie to the gods. Today, the rituals have been replaced with the splendour of a lively casino.Customers visit for the harmony and serenity found within. The Forest Soul hosts a spa with relaxing mud baths and natural hot springs, staffed by magical sprites and primal creatures. Any littering or animal cruelty is dealt with using extreme prejusice as the area is sacred to those who work upon its soil.At the heart of the complex is the real draw – the arena! A stadium of chiselled stones, overgrown grass, and laced vines embodies the wild of the aerial Timber Fists and the resilient Cold Bloods. Some of the greatest matches to date have taken place within the confinef of their ring. Trihorn – the Jurassic superstar – debuted here, whilst Shamblefist still trains outside for the public to see.
RUMBLESLAM Feral Den Casino

The Feral Den

The outer appearance of the Feral Den leaves much to the imagination, with strange holes dug into a mountain of soil, and ancient crooked trees leading to the main entrance.The sounds of fighting ring out constantly as alpha creatures battle for dominance both in and out of the ring. The stinking, primordal battlefield of a ring hosts a number of RUMBLESLAM’s most potent and dangerous wrestlers and is the go-to venue for hardcore matches. Power and aggression are commonplace in the Feral Den with monsters like Great Jaw and Rottergut roaming free. With such incredible superstars, it is no wonder the casino is consistently busy. The casino owners are said to work their wrestlers hard, keeping the members of The Raging Beasts locked up between matches. The savage Furry Fury are known to sneak about the network of tunnels inside, so customers are warned to always travel in groups.Despite the stench and disgusting staff, there are three main reasons to visit the den: cheap drinks, strong opponents and matches full of ferocious energy.