Event Cards

7th July 2017
We’re back again Rumblefans, with another delve into the Event Card deck!

I enjoyed having a peek at the cards last week, so having gone through them I thought I’d share so of my favourites. Strap in, it’s about to get weird!

First off, Unruly Mages. We all know that magic isn’t allowed in the RUMBLESLAM ring, but what about outside the ring? Well it’s hard to stop an unruly mage. Brave security toads have tried. Did I say toads? That’s what we call them now.
Basically, they punish you whenever you roll a Boo result on your Crowd Pleaser. This is a hilarious twist and has changed games I’ve played in which you’re suddenly worried about what’s going to happen if you throw a wrestler out, particularly towards the end of the match and everyone’s looking a little ragged!

Manager Intervention is probably my favourite Event Card. Unless someone draws it against me, that is. You gain a free wrestler! If you get towards the end of the game and receive a new wrestler from your casino, that can be huge! There’s nothing like a fresh-faced Glory Seeker entering the ring, or a Saurian Grappler entering to chuck your enemies out! The only card that’s potentially better is An Axe To Grind, which is very similar, but with a new SUPERSTAR entering. It’s not a definite, but wow.

That Spell Went Very Wrong… Or Did It? This is one of those cards that writes stories, creates unsuspecting superstars, and ends friendships. It changes all Gold dice into Coppers, and all Coppers into Golds. That means that goblins become kings, and superstars become rubbish. Now’s the time for your skeleton to prove his worth!

Finally, Voodoo Frenzy. Double your AP and halve your MP? Let’s hope you’re in base contact, because the pain is about to go into overdrive! Notable winners in this situation are the Deadly Divas High Flyer, who suddenly can do three Turnbuckle Abilities in one round (dice gods willing), and all WEIGHT 3 wrestlers, who can not only do Turnbuckle Abilities in one round without waiting on the turnbuckle, but can do all those cool moves they have one after another!

One thing I really love about the Event Cards are the little quotes on the bottom of each. They really give a lot of insight into the world of RUMBLESLAM and the wrestlers that inhabit it. In just a sentence or two you get a complete understanding of that character’s personality.

That’s all I’m going to show for now! There are around 45 more cards that we haven’t shown, so get over to the TTCombat webstore today and order yours!