Superstar Bio • Captain Keelhaul

31st August 2017
Today we’re paying our entry fees and trundling along the line to the ramshackle crypt of Rolling Bones to learn a little bit about one of the newest wrestlers they’ve signed. Captain Keelhaul has entered the ring!

“Throughout the centuries countless pirates and brigands have earned foul reputations plundering goods and pillaging as they pleased. Perhaps the greatest pirate to ever have lived, Captain Keelhaul is a name still feared on the high seas. In his youth it didn’t take long for the captain to dominate the oceans of the world and eventually become known as the Scourge of Seventeen Seas. Wherever he roamed chaos followed and only destruction lay in his wake. For twenty years he sailed the untameable ocean and amassed a fortune few can even dream of. He had it all; power, respect and wealth. Yet, it was never enough. No amount of gold could sate his desires for fame and fortune. It was upon seeing a strange poster pinned to the merchant’s quarters that he realised his dreams could be met in the RUMBLESLAM ring.

A lifetime at sea has made him supernaturally strong and a very scary opponent indeed.”