Superstar Bio • Dicephaurux

21st August 2017
New wrestlers? Kickstarter favourites making an appearance?
I think it’s time for some more RUMBLESLAM articles, fellow Rumblefans!

So for the first look this week, let’s delve into the depths of The Feral Den and look at the newest giant, Dicephaurux!

“The man now known as Dicephaurux was once a proud and powerful warlord.

His arrogance was so great that he couldn’t stand the idea of being weaker, slower or less intelligent than anyone else. It was this hubris that lead him and his servant to the abandoned shrine of an unknown god to wish for power. Offering vast riches to the altar, he begged for the power of two men so that he would never again be lesser! Pain blossomed inside his chest and he passed out from the agony. Waking, the man rose to find himself large beyond belief! But as he looked about he saw the grotesque head of his manservant beside his own, melded into his own body and bearing a vacant expression.

Raging, the gigantic form of the warlord stormed back into the city. He came upon a casino and saw the signs for RUMBLESLAM sprawled about the surrounding area. Everyone worshipped the superstars within. This was where the two men, bound into one body, would become great again, and force the public to worship them!”