Superstar Bio • Dilomite Kid

7th September 2017
*Attenborough voice*

Deep in the depths of the jungle, right across from the blood-soaked poncho stall, we enter a world unlike any other. Prehistoric beasts roam the floors of The Forest Soul casino. There are many different types of animal on show here, but today we will look at just one of these majestic beasts. The creature known around the casino as the Dilomite Kid. /Attenborough voice

“This pint-sized lizard is a reasonably new addition to The Forest Soul’s roster though his fan base might lead you to believe otherwise. This scaly superstar exudes confidence and moves about the ring with the grace and demeanour of a king. His true name is Tyrakto which is said to mean “blessed” in his native tongue. His people believe he is the avatar of their old gods given mortal form to guide them to glory within RUMBLESLAM. Raised since birth to fight he enjoyed the admiration of his kind from a very young age, which made him a great fighter if a little reckless.

Despite his small size Dilomite Kid is an exceptionally skilled fighter who uses his deadly speed for devastating results, and has a penchant for spitting. He claims it is an honour he grants to those select few he must defeat at all costs.”