Superstar Bio • Experiment

30th October 2017
Let’s do the unthinkable. Let’s delve into the dark corners of The Feral Den and see what’s lurking. ‘Tis the season to get spoopy after all! Introducing another brand new wrestler: known only as Experiment 2186.

“Malfric Dross was not like most people. You see, Malfric Dross was a wizard of terrible power, or so he would tell you at least. When loan sharks from The Feral Den demanded payment for his debts within the next month, the conjurer decided to retreat to his lab.

The experiments he ran in those dank chambers are better left untold as even the most innocent of them was horrifying. His plan was to create the perfect wrestler to sell to the Den. It took him over two thousand test subjects to achieve the desired result, and thus Experiment #2186 was born. Cackling delightedly at his own genius, Dross forgot the first rule of summoning: don’t take your eyes off the creature. It was only a matter of seconds before the poor wizard was gobbled up by the terrible thing he had created. Soon, the loan sharks arrived and found only the creature sleeping soundly. Smiling maliciously, they noticed a discarded shoe and boxed the experiment up claiming his debt was paid.”