Superstar Bio • Granite

13th July 2017
It’s Superstar bio time again! This time our trip down into the depths of the RUMBLESLAM archives has yielded a little bit about everyone’s favourite walking mountain: Granite!

“This resilient superstar has it all; power, toughness, size, charisma… There are few wrestlers in the ring that can match a natural charm and presence which have enthralled and captivated the hearts of countless viewers. Granite has always been a superb superstar with the fan’s entertainment sitting firmly at his core. He’s even been known to break the rules to deliver a better show for his adoring fans. If he sees that the crowd is getting bored, he’ll perform a dirty move, or kick an opponent when they’re down. His thick skin protects him from the boos of the crowd. Cheers or boos, he only wants to entertain, as that’s the only way to fill the seats of the arena!

The hardy titan has proven time and time again that he can deliver for the fans. Good or bad, Granite promises to entertain.”