Superstar Bio • The Greek

24th August 2017
We looked at the golden god earlier this week, so now let’s see his arch-nemesis The Greek!

“Where most men might shy from adversity, this superstar yearns for it. The Greek is a fierce fighter determined to battle foes when the odds are well and truly stacked against him. His debut appearances are legendary as entire teams crashed against him to no avail. His displeasure with the amateur ring was evident as he declared his desire for a true challenge. It wasn’t long before he signed up to Kaiser’s Palace in search of greater conflict and honour. Crowds fill the stands time and time again to witness him in action. This proud warrior is often referred to as a hero by his fans as his dogged determination and grit have helped them overcome hardships in their own lives.

Tenacity given form, he will accept any and all matches. In fact, during an interview he declared his intent to take on an entire casino. The audience jeered and laughed at his statement but were met with a stoic expression of selfconfidence. He has yet to receive his match, but barely a fight goes by without him shouting his challenge!”