Superstar Bio • Green Grables

27th June 2017
Hello, Rumblefans! Today we have a little treat. We’re delving back into the archives to find out some more information about some of our brand new Superstars. We’re going to start today by learning about the deadly dryad Green Grables!

“Green Grables is older than stone and wiser than the wind. For as long as she can remember she lived among the countless trees and brooks in peace. One fateful day a man entered her forest and brought with him an army of machines and men. They tore her home to the ground in a handful of days and slaughtered her sisters. In place of her beautiful woods they built a casino for a sport called RUMBLESLAM. The anger inside her swelled and grew into a maelstrom waiting to be unleashed. The ancient dryad stormed the building only to interrupt a match.

Her opponents were strong for mortals but against her powers they fell like autumn leaves. Snarling, she unleashed the full might of nature and threw her foes from the ring with thorny vines. The roar of the crowd suddenly brought back images of her forest as it once was, and their cries echoed like wind through the trees. Her plan for revenge was thwarted by her own love for the sport. As she looked around, she knew her home wasn’t gone, it was here all along.”