Superstar Bio • Lumberjacked

4th July 2017
We had a little look at Green Grables yesterday, so it only seems right that we return the favour and dig out some information about Lumberjacked from the archive!

“Not everyone fights for the same reason. Some people fight for honour or glory whilst others might fight for the sheer thrill. Jack fights for revenge. Growing up Jack loved nature and lived in peace with his woodcutter father. That is until his father was taken from him. One fateful day he found his father tied to a tree with thorny vines that made the deep cuts and wounds on his body look like strange red flowers. Voices echoed from the nearby trees telling him to leave their woods. A dryad.

Years later he took part in the destruction of that forest and helped build the new casino upon it. It was during this work he found out the dryad had not only survived, but had entered the ring! The ex-woodcutter hung up his axe and joined RUMBLESLAM that same evening. Why cut down trees when he could fight nature with his fists? He is a brutal fighter who gets truly terrifying when battling against the forces of nature.”