Superstar Bio • Mythos

6th July 2017
Delving back down into the depths of the RUMBLESLAM history books, we’ve emerged into the light with some information on one of the most evil members of our beloved sport. Let’s all read in hushed voices about Mythos.

“For there to be light, there must also be darkness. Fable is often considered the shining light of RUMBLESLAM, defending the helpless. If Fable is the light, Mythos is definitely the dark. This vile wrestler appeared in a Feral Den ring on the same night Fable first made an appearance. Unlike his holy counterpart however, Mythos came down in a blaze of hellfire and turned a promising match into carnage.

Leo was just about to be thrown out, his attacker the sure favourite for victory, until Mythos struck him from behind. The demon lord didn’t stop with one blow as he stomped on the downed wrestler until there was nothing left of him.

Leo turned to the demon wanting to thank him, but was instead greeted with a savage punch. Another malicious roar sounded as Mythos battered the weakened victor before vanishing in a cloud of fire and brimstone.”