Superstar Bio • The Nut

28th August 2017
Good Monday, Rumblefans! Today we’re diving back into the RUMBLESLAM vault to unearth a tidbit of backstory about one of our new superstars. Let’s see what Gomorrah has to offer today!

“The Nut, (or inmate #0142) has received more suspensions and bans than any two wrestlers combined. In his debut match, the crazy superstar not only beat his opponent but ended their career with a truly terrifying display of rage and psychotic fury. It took several officials and wrestlers to pull him away from his opponent as he bit the air and gnashed his teeth like a rabid dog. Laughing, The Nut rubbed his spit-speckled chin against his shirt and left the ring without another word.

Still wearing his straitjacket as required by law, he participates in matches with anyone and everyone willing. Unable to throw or grapple his opponents, The Nut relies on his strength and madness to see him through. Restricted as he is by his straitjacket he is still incredibly fast and packs a serious punch!”