Superstar Bio • Relentless Dosh

11th July 2017
I just realised that we never found out more information about a few wrestlers that have already been released! I don’t know what made me think of these two, but here’s a little information about the most famous satyrs in the world. Slammers, it’s Relentless Dosh.

“No doubt you’ve heard of Relentless Dosh from their sellout arena tours, but this gifted duet are also incredible skilled fighters! Using their own music as an introduction, the dynamic duo jump into the ring to greet their roaring fans. Dripping with charisma, the two fauns enjoy a popularity that is seldom matched in or out of the ring. They are like night and day however when it comes to fighting. Wonderkid uses his incredible presence to turn any potential nay-sayers into diehard fans whilst Nasty Goat focuses on brutal brawling.

Their signature move has never been seen. They claim it is the greatest attack in the world, but refuse to ever perform it. Instead they perform a tribue which is still a marvel to behold as they launch their opponent flying through the air. They are always watching the audience to see which one of them should take the lead as they want nothing more than to hear their supporters cheer their names!”