Superstar Bio • Shamblefist

26th October 2017
Alright, it’s time. Let’s look at our resident hero and saviour of the world: SHAMBLEFIST!

“Considered one of the toughest wrestlers, Shamblefist is a strange creature of unknown origin. His body is an amalgamation of fungus and a mudlike substance that can shift from liquid to solid in an instant. It’s this flexibility that keeps his opponents off-guard long enough for his spores to take effect. The cloying miasma of his fungal discharge is a constant concern for both friend and foe alike as it makes it increasingly difficult to breathe.

The shifting form of this primordial powerhouse has led to some truly incredibly signature moves coming into creation. Fans have witnessed Shamblefist turn entirely into mud before surging into his opponent with the force of a rockslide, knocking them out of the ring!

If you go to watch this superstar be sure to bring two things: A face mask, and a camera!”