Superstar Bio • The Thespian

2nd November 2017
It’s almost Bonfire Night here in the UK! Hallowe’en candy has all been eaten, and toffee apples are about to be the most eaten 1 of your 5 a day. Although not quite Guy Fawkes, this next wrestler certainly has the same air of theatrics! All our Kickstarter backers will be quite familiar with the half mask of our next wrestler, seeing as one of them designed him! It’s The Thespian!

“The Thespian’s fame started before he entered the RUMBLESLAM arena. He was a talented and promising young actor; many believed he would become the next big theatre star. As his success grew, so did his ego, along with a terrible rage if things did not go the way he wanted. It is even rumored that he had a theater critic killed because of a bad review of one of his performances. The rumours forced The Thespian to seek out other arenas where he could make a name for himself, his newfound taste for physical pain not something found in the theatre world.

From one circus to another, from the theatre stage to the wrestling ring, it is all the same for the man that calls himself The Thespian. He feeds on the crowd’s response, be it cheering or booing. Attention is all that matters. Nevertheless, when the crowd goes silent, the grisly truth of his character shines. He is brutal, vicious and unpredictable. In other words: a perfect wrestler.”