Superstar Tactics • Fable

5th September 2017
We’re back today Rumblefans with a little more Fable for you!

The winged wonder is a Free Agent, waiting to sail down from above in a blinding pillar of light in your hour of most dire need. Or you know, you could just pay him 300K.

For your Dosh, what do you get? Well you get 5AP and 6MP. Anything else required? How about 3 Silver for his ATT? How about 2 Gold for his DEX? How about a wrestler who can potentially do a Turnbuckle Ability every round of the game on anyone in the ring?

Let’s talk about that last bit. Angelic Double Axe Handle is Fable’s Turnbuckle Ability. It has 2S 2C for its attack (potential max score of 12) and does 3 Damage. It also has Bounceback 2, giving him a little more manoeuvrability. Not that he needs much more.

Why? Well with 6MP and High Flyer (which means you can use your MP to increase the range of Turnbuckle Abilities) Fable is already very fast. But Gives You Wings is his Passive Ability which allows him to move to a different turnbuckle for free if he starts his activation mounted on a turnbuckle. So really, there’s no one in the ring he can’t hit if he’s already on the turnbuckle! Of course, getting up there isn’t a problem either.

Why? Well! Fable’s Crowd Pleaser allows him to immediately be placed on the nearest unoccupied turnbuckle!

So, here we go:

Round 1: Mount turnbuckle. Use remaining MP to do Angelic Double Axe Handle on opponent. Pass Crowd Pleaser and mount turnbuckle again.

Round 2: Everyone runs away from Fable. Fable moves to another turnbuckle, and does Angelic Double Axe Handle again! Rinse and repeat.

That’s a lot of potential damage every turn of the game. And if things don’t go according to plan, he’s always got his Bounceback 2 special rule to get out of harm’s way (and in fact bounce back towards the turnbuckle of your choosing). If he’s still stuck in the open, his Rope Ability Shining Spear only costs 2AP and has the Rocket special rule! Nice!

So how do you beat this angelic wrestler? Firstly, you should play Heels, because beating up an angel just seems mean. Secondly, you can push him off the turnbuckle! It’s a precarious place to be, and although he has 2G for his DEX, that can still fail a 3+ roll! Throw wrestlers at him to knock him off, or if he’s in the open, grapple him to the floor.

Who benefits most from this wrestler? Well as a Free Agent he can join any casino without forgoing your sponsorship bonus (imagine Eagle Airways on him!), so anyone can use him! He actually works best for teams that are ground-focused. The Deadly Divas and Cryptborn nightmares spend a lot of time on the turnbuckles, giving Fable less choice over where to go. So maybe The Runic Thunder or The Cold Bloods might be a better home for him?

Whoever you play, a little careful positioning means that you can easily use Fable at his best – leaping high from the turnbuckles in a show of majesty and force!

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rumbleslam miniature fable free agents